A fascinating and fast changing subject.

"... the dangers of new knowledge must be weighed against the benefits
- and against the dangers of not having that knowledge.
The status quo is not a morally neutral option."
(Dr. Matt Ridley, The Ecologist, June 2001)

This web site aims to explore this new knowledge
and the changes it is bringing.


Sometimes it helps to understand a bit
of the science behind it all.

On one hand there are the basic facts.
How cells work,and what are mitochondria.
What is the relationship between DNA, genes and
chromosomes? How does a human being develop?

Then you might want to know how they are
used within more complex processes.How genes
are changed, either only affecting the one person,
or affecting the children also.
What is cloning and how does it work?
How to make your own organism.

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Genetic Science Applications
Group Resources and Links

This section contains

  • Notes on the books examined;
  • Information on some of the more
    common genetic syndromes;
  • Sheets for use as group
    discussion starters;
  • A range of links through the web.

These are all most easily available
through the Main Index section Resources & Links.

Faith and Genetics

Every day new pieces of knowledge are added
to our understanding of the biological selves.
But we are more than biology.
66% of all people experience something
both good and greater than themselves.
But we are shy of letting on.

The Media & Real Science

Often when the popular press get hold of issues
they are simplified, sometimes into inaccuracy.
How true are headlines like :-

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