IVF processes - an outline of the process


Part of the preparation is appropriate counselling on the processes and its likelhood of success.

There are tests for fertility both for the male and the female.

If there is a fertilitily problem for one or the other then the possibility of gamete (eggs or sperm)  donation is explored.

The woman is given hormone treatment to enable the production of eggs, and the eggs are collected. At the same time sperm is collected from the man. The eggs and the sperm are mixed in a glass dish (vitro is the latin for glass so In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) = in glass fertilisation)

The fertilised eggs are grown to the eight cell stage. if there is to be a genetic test, one of the cells is removed and tested for genetic variation by a variety of processes.


Details of the testing procedures can be found under Prenatal Selection

Visual examination of eggs looking for strong healthy eggs.

Visual microscopy can give a simple count of chromosomes - insufficient or excess can be identified at this stage.

Karyotyping (cut and paste photograph of Chromosomes) - allows   more detailed examination of the health of each chromosome.