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42 Moore, Pete 125 "in a Christian Context, the Christian Medical Fellowship also points out that the Bible does not use a language of rights. Instead it says that 'we have responsibilities and duties towards God and towards other people.' consequently it says that in a biblical world-view, the question of a right to a unique genetic identity is fundamentally meaningless."
Christian Medical Fellowship, submission to the HGAC & HFEA 1998
Babel's Shadow cloning
31 Moore, Pete 115 "… the very idea that Dolly was a clone of an adult sheep was so scientifically shocking that for a year or so after the initial declaration a number of scientists held the view that this just could not have happened. They believed that there must be some other explanation for Dolly's existence.) Babel's Shadow cloning
30 Moore, Pete 115 The New England Journal of Medicine published a discussion paper in which two scientist took opposing views. (Robertson JA & Annas GJ, Human Cloning, New England Journal of Medicine 339, 1998, pp119-22)
John Robertson argued that human cloning would be unlikely except in rare case of infertility or genetic disease; that it was little different from the birth of identical twins and that the important consideration is how a child is treated after its birth. Conversely George Annas said that cloning would devalue children and treat them as interchangeable commodities; it would radically alter what it means to be human, causing us to lose something vital to the uniqueness of humanity; and that it represents the height of genetic reductionism.
Babel's Shadow cloning
43 Wellcome Trust,
The public have fearful perceptions of human cloning and were shocked by the implications of the technology. The practice was firmly rejected by almost all of the participants in the research ; only a handful were more positive. Understanding of the technical process of cloning was initially limited but the provision of additional factual information did not modify participants' primary concerns. These concerns focussed on the likely social consequences of cloning and were often described in the context of popular cultural imagery such as science fiction films and media stories portraying the lives of public figures. Scientific news coverage appeared to have a lesser impact upon views." Public Perspectives on Human Cloning cloning fears
45 Moore, Pete 126 ".. Understanding did nothing to allay fears, Human reproductive cloning was believed to have no place in our world because it is unsafe and undesirable." Babel's Shadow cloning humans
40 Moore, Pete 124 "One argument against reproductive cloning is that the process is unnatural. Personally, I believe that this is a weak point because while it is unnatural , so is much of conventional medicine that relies on synthetic drugs and surgical operations. The glasses I wear in order to see the computer screen as I type are not natural, thought I'm not about to get rid of them on that account. We need to be careful of falling into the simplistic trap of assuming that artificial is bad, and that natural is good. On its own the naturalness of an action tells us little about its ethical value." Babel's Shadow cloning humans
39 Moore, Pete 122 Lee Silver:
"What happens when you come face to face with your daughter who looks exactly like your daughter did some twenty-five or thirty-years ago."
AJP - this happens already even though they area genetic mix of parents.
Babel's Shadow cloning humans
38 Moore, Pete 120 Richard Seed an American Engineer within days of Dolly, announced that he was setting up a programme to clone human beings.
His declared motives:
1. To gain the fame that would go with creating the first human clone.
2. He was getting older, and was looking forward to starting out in a new rejuvenated body.
"A self-clone is an expression of immortality, and the ultimate expression of the selfish gene." he said.
Babel's Shadow cloning humans
37 Palmer, Andrew
The Raelian Movement, offers a cloning service once the technology has been developed. They have based there operation in the Bahamas to avoid anti-cloning legislation.
They offer two services
CLONAID - service offered to wealthy parents anywhere in the world.
INSURACLONE - sample cells can be taken and stored.
For replacement children and family members. Etc.

cloning humans
35 Moore, Pete 121 "...scientists are forging ahead. American Jose Cibelli has fused an emptied cow egg to a cell taken from the lining of his cheek. Apparently the human-cow hybrid grew for two weeks before dying. On top of this two doctors at a fertility centre in Seoul, South Korea, Kim Seung Bo, and Lee Bo Young, caused an outcry when they rook a spare human egg, removed its DNA and fused it to a human adult cell. The resulting clone developed until the deliberately ended the "experiment" once it had grown to the four cell stage. Babel's Shadow cloning humans
54 Seely, Hart
In February 2001, Bosselier (principle scientist of CLONAID) said Clonaid might implant and cloned embryo into a surrogate mother by the end of April, with the goal of giving history its first cloned baby by the end of this year.
She sought to re-create a 10-month old boy who died in a hospital mishap. The grieving parents, who have remained anonymous, pledged $200,000 from a malpractice settlement to pay for the cost of cloning the child from frozen cell tissue. Thus, Clonaid was conceived: a commercial venture offering customers the chance to birth genetic copies of themselves.

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50 Seely, Hart
Article Wednesday 6th June 2001 reports on the Raelian cloning movement and its conflict with the US Government. Prof. Brigitte Boisselier vows to continue her fight with the US government over a person's right to clone and be cloned.
"I'm fighting for the freedom of choice of reproduction," said Boisseller, 44, in her final visit to the campus in rural Oneida County. Her resignation (from Hamilton College), tendered in March, took effect with the end of the school year.
"If you want to mix your genes with a woman of your choice, that's your choice," she continued. "If you want to mix them with an egg you buy somewhere - because that's now possible - fine. And if you want to reproduce using your genes only, because it is now and option, you should be allowed to do that."

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41 Moore, Pete 125 Lawrence Wright points to evidence that genetics has a large influence over who we are, but no-one can deny that a pair of identical twins are two separate people with their own individual rights and responsibilities. Sharing hugely similar or identical gene sets with another person doesn't mean that you lose your personal identity.

Ref. Wright L Twins: Genes, Environment and the Mystery of Human Identity, Phoenix 1997
Babel's Shadow cloning humans individuality
3 Palmer, Andrew
DNA is a molecule within the nucleus of a cell that controls the life and development of that cell.
cloning humans individuality