This a core reference page for GM foods

Arguments for and against Genetic Modification of foodstuffs.

Some Pigs have been modified to produce healthier piglets.

China and GM Foodstuffs

Beijing (AP 6 June 2001) - China has enacted new regulations on producing and using genetically modified farm products, the state run Xinhua News Agency said on Wednesday.

Rules approved on may 23 by Premier Zhu Ronji are designed to protect the environment and human health while promoting research. Xinhua said.

China has enthusiastically pursued genetically modified products in its drive to be self sufficient in food supplies for its 1.26 billion people. The country has not seen the level of heated debate that has raged in Europe and elsewhere over their safety.

...Proponents contend that genetically altering crops to resist pests, drought or other adverse conditions may be the only way to ensure food security in the developing world, particularly in densely populated Asia.

But the technique of splicing genes from one organism onto another has also provoked fears of unforeseen hazards to health and the environment.