Genetics - links to useful web sites.

links tested and updated on 24th March 2006

The Human Genetics Commission have a site which contains access to all the reports going back to at least 1997, and also has links to other sites

The Human Chromosome Launchpad is a super site for the knowledgeable. It has detailed links to information about every chromosome and gene identified. It also has some cross links to non-human genomes.

The OMIM or Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man  site has a tremendous amount of detailed information on the origins of genetic disease. A morbid map allows searches for the genetic origins related to specific clinical conditions.

Medline Plus is a US government site that contains a tremendous medical database that is available to search on line. A section gives very good information about genetic issues.

Maryland University has an Institute of Philosophy and Public Policy apart from the departments home page and its links it contains comprehensive reports on Ethical Issues. Look particularly for articles by Robert Wachbroit.

PEALS - Policy Ethics and Life Sciences Institute - PEALS  is a unit created by Newcastle & Durham Universities (UK) in conjunction with the International Life Centre. It has a programme of fascinating talks, lectures, seminars and conferences. It is also involved in Schools work through the Newcastle area.

The BBC have a good science and technology section it contains for example a question and answer section on GM Babies

The Human Genome Project site is an extensive site containing information on gene testing, gene therapy, privacy, patenting, and so...

Most syndromes have a clutch of sites dedicated to their particular syndrome.
A good number of syndromes are listed in the index on the left under data / syndromes. this will drop down a list on pages on this site.
All these are of varying quality and usually appear is you do a web search for the particular syndrome.
Their are too many to list all. As a sample of the better sites.
e.g. on Down's Syndrome 
Down's Syndrome Association  for the London Branch of the Down's Syndrome Association  or for the National Down's Syndrome Society

The following syndromes have a page on this site:
achondroplasia; cystic fibrosis; downs; Edward's; fragile X; haemophilia; huntington; klinefelter; marfan; patau; pku; sickle cell; spina bifida; and turner.

The New Scientist has an excellent site which is general information on science, but usually includes articles on genetics also.

Progress Trust is even more pro-science, but contains regular (pro Science - you can trust scientists.)
newsletters on genetics and repro tech:

GeneWatch is a good critical think tank

Here are some academic units on genetics and society and genetics and ethics: Genetics and Ethics page Institute for the study of Genetics, Biorisks, & Society Genetics and Society Postgraduate Forum

The Wellcome Trust website is very pro-science, but has lots of

The list could be extended further but these
are a good set of core sites with reliable information.


Andrew Palmer