Turner Syndrome

Alternative names

Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome; gonadal dysgenesis; monosomy X


People who suffer from Turner’s Syndrome have all or part of the X Chromosome missing. It only affects women.


height determination is in the X Chromosome.
The average height of those affected is 147cm varying from 135 -> 163.
This is 20cm below the average for unaffected women.
Webbing on neck
40% have this condition – some require surgery
Blood Supply
10% have constriction of the main artery and 12% have other less serious heart anomalies.
Sometimes surgery is required to correct the arterial problems.
Mental Development
There are some delays in mental maturation, but not in total development. Early stimulation is important.


More information from:
Try also a search at:
http://medlineplus.gov/ for "Turner Syndrome"
this will yield lots of useful information

Also information can be found on NHS Direct at
Use the search facility for Turner - the first result gives a access to a page with details of the syndrome, cause and treatments.

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