Faith, Science and Ethics.

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The Parallel God
 (added November 2002)
This is part of a personal journey. It is an attempt to show how faith and science fit together to explain the world. Much came out of the tension I felt with those whose theology is based on revelation. Such an approach often condemns the thoughtful believer who knows the value and truth found through scientific study.
Why Do I believe in God? I here explain the basis of my own faith in God?
Is there a gene for religion? Many have asked is there a gene for ...athleticism; music and so on. Here I look at the issue for religion.
What is the mission of
the Christian in Science?
There are many honest believers within the world of science, troubled by dogmatic assertions from noisy minorities. I offer here a suggestion for a Mission Statement for the Christian working within industry, and explore its implications.
Genetic Engineering
Moral & Ethical Dilemmas
(added December 2002)
Genetic Engineering - moral and ethical dilemmas.
This talk was written for year 13 (18 year olds)
in the Cramlington Community High School.

Aim of faith pages.

  1. To justify a faith perspective on life and on science issues, and particularly genetic science.  A personal perspective.
  2. To develop the criteria from which faith may speak.
    This founded upon the justification for faith expressed in the first section.
  3. To comment on some current issues using the criteria outline in the previous section.

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