Popular Opinion and Press Coverage

This material is intended to do more than just help people to understand the science behind newspaper reports.

Durant et al (1993) made a study of the British Public and their understanding the Human Genome.Although this is ten years ago has much changed since?
Among non-specialists they found that there was considerable knowledge and background awareness of Genetic issues. In particular genetic engineering, and DNA fingerprinting. For the public one was about genetic and personal manipulation, and the other was associated with personal identification.
The subjects brought up for discussion under each area were, 1. Down's Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, an eugenics. 2. rape and murder cases, and also the issues of discrimination on the grounds of biological health and status, and AIDS.
in the newspaper there were few articles about the Human Genome Project,The themes all related to the treatment and cure of diseases, screening and testing, improving human nature, identification and discrimination, and social control and conspiracy.

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