Thought for today
Living by Faith

Take time to be quiet before addressing God.

You who are the Source of love and goodness,
I focus my thoughts on you.

I am grateful for life, and for the fractal marvel of trees, the delight of deep blue skies, the awesome power of storm waves on the sea and the many other wonders I experience in the world around me.

I forgive those who have caused me pain, offended me, or made me angry, even when the cause was imagined, or when it was because of my own insecurity.

I am sorry for those occasions when I have caused others pain through thoughtless or deliberate actions.

I choose life, to follow the example of Jesus, to live respecting the faith of others however different from my own, to work against oppression, to contine always to seek to understand faith and life, to help others in their journey towards truth and to seek to make a difference for good in the world.

This prayer I make because of the selfless universal love I see revealed in Jesus.