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Life is a continuing journey of discovery. There are new things to be learnt each and every day. If we continue to live faithfully we are made more and more in the likeness of God who is disclosed at the very heart of our being.

Journey in
faith and trust.



Site changes

I am a Christian Minister in the UK, but for several years worked in the chemical industry.

In this site is material created as I have reflected on faith from the perspective of a scientist.

The Science, Faith, Ethics & Genetics section as I originally created it is still available.

This new home page will being to give access to new material during the next two years and I complete a period of study into the nature of the human relationship with God.

Andrew J. Palmer, April 2009.

New Material

·         New material has been added

·         A new set of material has been added about a visit to St. Eustatius. Material for St. Kitts & Sint Maarten will be added soon.

·         If you want to discuss the contents of this website – please email me. I will reply if I can.  The content and opinions within the site are mine, or as credited.

Some things don’t change

I still like Star Trek in all its variations, so...
Live long, and prosper!  ... and enjoy life,
(As you can tell I'm not a Vulcan)

Faith Perspectives

All still available at previously


Genetics Archive

All the genetic material is still available at their usual addresses.

Cloning, assisted conception, genetic therapies, biological weapons, are examined and a faith perspective for some issues generated..



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